Michael Lee’s Method

Michael focuses on building a strong relationship between the dog and handler by focusing on positive reinforcement (Yang) and creates a dog that uses their behaviour and interaction to drive their handler to reward them.

Once the dog is developmentally working well with the handler, negative reinforcement (Ying) is layered into the training process and the dog learns about pressure or unpleasant feeling, and how through their behaviour they may shut off this pressure.

This understanding give speed and accuracy in their work as well as confidence.

The Art of Ying & Yang

The delicate art of training with positive and negative reinforcement causes the dogs to think they are the ones dominating the game, oblivious to the fact the the handler is the one who is in control of the situation.

This combined with the science of classical conditioning and operant conditioning, causes the dogs release high amounts of dopamine, creating a dog that wants to try harder, learn faster and stay invested in the work with full energy as the communication system between the handler and dog is clear.

Michael’s Ying Yang Method is a tried and tested method, taught extensively to a very diverse group of trainers, from police departments, military, narcotics, search and rescue, to competitive sport trainers, in different continents of the world.

The results have always been consistent and effective, with the dogs trained in his Methodology showing full attention and connection to the handler and real happiness in their work, with heart and soul.