Online Training Course.


Foundations for Obedience: Eagerness to Work and Basic Obedience Skills

Advance Obedience: Flashy, Fabulous and Fantastic Obedience Skills

How will this class work?

• Classes will be held online via Facebook. Participants will be added to a Private Facebook Group which will serve as your classroom.

• You will learn theories on dog training, as well receive videos of actual dog training on various topics.

• Each student will be able to upload their videos during the weekend for feedback in this Facebook Group.

• The video length limit is 3 minutes per week. If you would like to upload more than the maximum time limit of 3 minutes, private feedback sessions may be arranged.

• Feedback will be given within 72 hour period upon upload.

• Participants are encouraged to ask questions in relation to their dog, which a reply shall be given within 24 hours. There is a limit of one question per participant a day.

• We would like to see the progress of your dog in relation to your question.

We offer :

Online protection dog training
How to train your puppy to become a Top house protection dog by your self at home when you are alone and no body help you.
We will have an online class about how to teach your puppy to become a top house protection dog .
We offer :
House protection dog training from puppy /young dog
– Technique to bite
– Command to Bark when stranger threatening you
– send to search people behind the trees in your garden and bite.
– the out command
– recall after attack
This course will take 6 months to complete and students can attend our practical class(extra charges) in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang when we have group training.
Registration is open now.
For those who are interested please contact me via WhatsApps
or messenger .
Online Obedience Class
We offer :
# Advanced puppy/ young dog obedience class
– Charge the Clicker
– How to play with your dog is the key to success
– The art of heeling work.
– Sit , down and stand exercise
– HIgh speed recall and correct front sit
– Foundation of dumbbell work
– The jump techniques
– Send away with full power
– Bark and quiet on command
# House pet Obedience class
– Toilet training
– Stress free walking ( not pulling and bitting the leash)
– Sit ,down and stand exercise
– Recall
– Down stay under distraction
– Behavior problem solving
# High competition level obedience class
– Active and full concentration heeling
– Sit , down and stand in motion with heart and soul.
– Distance control sit, down and stand
– The perfection of dumbbell work
– Dumbbell with 1 meter hurdle
– High speed recall and correct front sit in balance drive.
– Send away with full speed and down
– Down stay under distraction with energy.
Please contact us via messenger or WhatsApps to +6012 2688 726 for more information .